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Example: Custom VM sizes

Our team will have configured your servers so that they always launch a pre-defined VM size, this keeps the user experience simple and predictable.

However, you can also request a specific VM size with up to 32vCPU and as much RAM as is available in the server. vCPU can be over-committed safely, however over-committing on RAM is not advised because if all of the RAM is required, one of the running VMs may exit or be terminated.

Certified for:

  • x86_64
  • arm64 including Raspberry Pi 4

Request a custom VM size

For a custom size just append -cpu- and -gb to the above labels, for example:

x86_64 example:

  • actuated-1cpu-2gb
  • actuated-4cpu-16gb

64-bit Arm example:

  • actuated-arm64-4cpu-16gb
  • actuated-arm64-32cpu-64gb

You can change vCPU and RAM independently, there are no set combinations, so you can customise both to whatever you like.

The upper limit for vCPU is 32.

Create a new file at: .github/workflows/build.yml and commit it to the repository.

name: specs

on: push
    runs-on: actuated-1cpu-2gb
      - name: Print specs
        run: |
            free -h

This will allocate 1x vCPU and 2GB of RAM to the VM. To run this same configuration for arm64, change runs-on to actuated-arm64-1cpu-2gb.