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Example: Debug a job with SSH

If your tier and subscription includes debugging with SSH, then you can follow these instructions to get a shell into your self-hosted runner.

Certified for:

  • x86_64
  • arm64

Use a private repository if you're not using actuated yet

GitHub recommends using a private repository with self-hosted runners because changes can be left over from a previous run, even when using Actions Runtime Controller. Actuated uses an ephemeral VM with an immutable image, so can be used on both public and private repos. Learn why in the FAQ.

Try out the action on your agent

Create a secret for the repo or organisation for SSH_GATEWAY_IP using the IP address, or DNS address that you were provided with by your support team.

Create a .github/workflows/workflow.yaml file

name: connect

      - '*'
      - master

  id-token: write
  contents: read
  actions: read

    name: connect
    runs-on: actuated
      - name: Setup SSH server for Actor
        uses: alexellis/setup-sshd-actor@master
      - name: Connect to the actuated SSH gateway
        uses: alexellis/actuated-ssh-gateway-action@master
          gatewayaddr: ${{ secrets.SSH_GATEWAY_IP }}
          secure: true
      - name: Setup a blocking tmux session
        uses: alexellis/block-with-tmux-action@master

Next, trigger a build.

Open https://$SSH_GATEWAY_IP/list in your browser and look for your session, you can log in using the SSH command outputted for you.

Watch a demo: