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Actuated CLI

Monitor Actuated runners and jobs from the command line.


Download and installation instruction are available via the actuated-dashboard

You'll need to run actuated-cli auth first, so that you can get a Personal Access Token with the appropriate scopes from GitHub.

View queued jobs

actuated-cli jobs \

View runners for organization

actuated-cli runners \

View SSH sessions available:

actuated-cli ssh ls

Hosts are ordered by the connected time.

| NO  |   ACTOR   |                 HOSTNAME                 |  RX   |  TX   | CONNECTED |
|   1 | alexellis | 6aafd53144e2f00ef5cd2c16681eeab4712561a6 | 13679 | 10371 | 6m4s      |
|   2 | alexellis | fv-az268-245                             | 23124 | 13828 | 12m2s     |

Connect to an SSH session

Connect to the first available session from your account:

actuated-cli ssh connect

Connected to the second session in the list:

actuated-cli ssh connect 2

Connect to a specific session by hostname:

actuated-cli ssh connect runner1

Connect to a specific session with a host prefix:

actuated-cli ssh connect 6aafd

Check the logs of VMs

View the serial console and systemd output of the VMs launched on a specific server.

  • Check for timeouts with GitHub's control-plane
  • View output from the GitHub runner binary
  • See boot-up messages
  • Check for errors if the GitHub Runner binary is out of date
actuated-cli logs \
    --owner actuated-samples \
    --age 15m \

The age is specified as a Go duration i.e. 60m or 24h.

You can also get the logs for a specific runner by using the --id flag.

actuated-cli logs \
    --owner actuated-samples \
    --id ea5c285282620927689d90af3cfa3be2d5e2d004

Check the logs of the actuated agent service

Show the logs of the actuated agent binary running on your server.

View VM launch times, etc.

actuated-cli agent-logs \
    --owner actuated-samples \
    --age 60m \

Schedule a repair to re-queue jobs

If a job has been retried for 30 minutes, without a runner to take it, it'll be taken off the queue. This command will re-queue all jobs that are in a "queued" state.

Run sparingly because it will launch one VM per job queued.

actuated-cli repair \

Rescue a remote server

Restart the agent by sending a kill -9 signal:

actuated-cli restart \
    --owner actuated-samples \

Any inflight VMs will be killed, see also: actuated-cli update --force

Reboot the machine, if in an unrecoverable position:

actuated-cli restart \
    --owner actuated-samples \

Use with caution, since this may not perform a safe and clean shutdown.

JSON mode

Add --json to any command to get JSON output for scripting.

API rate limits apply, so do not run the CLI within a loop or watch command.

Help & support

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